Saturday, December 25, 2010

Curd Lake - Winter Holidays

Merry Christmas Everyone! And what a better way to start my Christmas than to wake up, check my email, and find a great short album aptly titled Winter Holidays. Curd Lake released this album in early december, and it just gives off a fun and joyful vibe, great for Holiday listening! Plus an great effing album cover! Check it out!

Curd Lake: Bandcamp
Download/Stream: Winter Holidays

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seabright - Phantom Power

Justin Morales, who makes some pretty awesome music under the moniker Seabright, just sent over word that he's working on a new EP! If you guys don't know, Seabright released a pretty awesome album called Shimmer back in August. Well, he's back with a brand new song entitled Phantom Power. Along with this new tune comes a fresh new sound from Seabright; whereas Shimmer was very techy/chillwavey, this new song has a really cool acoustic folky-pop sound while still retaining some of the synth components that make him such a blissed out listen. The new EP should be out sometime around the coming of the new year.

phantom power by seabright

Download/Stream: Shimmer
Seabright: Myspace / Facebook / Bandcamp

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Universe - Gazing, Gazing

Y'all might remember my post about Universe's latest full-length Gazing, Gazing. The album is great and the physical release is coming up SOON! The album is available on cassette, CD, or just as a digital download. Head on over to his bandcamp to stream the album in it's entirety, and I definitely encourage you to buy it (the cassette is only $5).

Stream/Purchase: Gazing, Gazing
Universe: Myspace / Bandcamp / Facebook

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Total Warr - I Don't Need Your Friendship

Hi-Scores Recording Library just sent over this killer single from their new Parisian pop duo Total Warr. The sing is called I Don't Need Your Friendship and is an all-out pop jam, but you also hear all sorts of chillwave and ambient influences; which leads me to believe that most of y'all will dig it. It is on the groups recently released debut; their Cascades EP which only costs $4.00 and has some great songs on it.

MP3:Total Warr - I Don't Need Your Friendship
Purchase/Download: Cascades EP

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mickey Brown - Zordon

For those of you who don't know, Mickey Brown is a collab between two of my favorite artists; Miller Rodriguez (aka Mickey Mickey Rourke) and Joshua Emter (aka Lester Brown) who released one of my favorite albums of this year back in August, Vision Quest. Anyway, they are back with a brand spanking new single called Zordon from their upcoming release Soul Glo. This duo is really evolving because this is unlike anything I have heard from the duo (in the best possible way).

MP3:Mickey Brown - Zordon
Download/Stream: Mickey Brown - Vision Quest
Mickey Mickey Rourke: Bandcamp / Myspace
Lester Brown: Myspace

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One In A Googolplex - Monolith

Alchemist Records just announced the release date of a brand-new full-length from One In A Googleplex, The Dropout Cats. This album has an incredibly cool and original sound; one that the label described as a fusion of Candy Claws and The Shins. Having listened to this album, I can think of no other description that would capture it as perfectly. The album will drop Oct. 19th as a limited CD, digital download, or limited cassette.

MP3:One In A Googolplex - Seven Lives And Tasty Mice
MP3:One In A Googolplex - Just Like You

Order at Alchemist Records after released on Oct. 19th

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird - Fade To White (feat. Emily Reo)

Blackbird Blackbird is back with a brand new pop/chillwavey tune. This time, he is collaborating with Emily Reo, who worked on a Truman Peyote tune that I really loved not too long ago. This song has a wonder-filled and uplifting quality to it, not unlike a lot of Blackbird Blackbird's tunes. Make sure to check out his bandcamp where you can find some free EP's, and his full length Summer Heart LP.

MP3:Blackbird Blackbird - Fade To White (feat. Emily Reo)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Magic Man

As if Miller Rodriguez, aka Mickey Mickey Rourke, isn't already a busy enough man; just after releasing an amazing 3rd album, Inner Gazing, a couple of days ago he has already released a killer single that is to be on his next album, Magic User. Magic Man is the name of the song and it ventures into new territory for Mickey Mickey Rourke, since vocals are a central element. The album is to be released in January 2011.

Universe - Faces

Hunter Skowron, who makes music under the moniker Universe, sent me an advance copy of his new album Gazing, Gazing and I must say that I am quite impressed. The album is filled with wonderful synths and well executed vocals . The album is slated for release on October 10, and if you would like to order one; contact Hunter at for more information. You can also check out more songs from the album on his bandcamp.

MP3:Universe - Faces

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mickey Mickey Rourke - Inner Gazing

So I know I haven't posted anything in a while, I've been really busy. But this is big news to me, and i needed to share it with y'all. Miller Rodriguez aka Mickey Mickey Rourke just sent me his new album, Inner Gazing. He has really stepped it up from his last album, on this latest release he collaborates with such favorites of mine as Top Girls, Craft Spells, and Lester Brown. Mickey Mickey Rourke's signature style shines through on this new album, while still progressing and improving upon it's predecessors. And If that's not enough, Mickey Mickey Rourke Is already hard at work on his next album Magic User, and i plan to post an mp3 from that very shortly. The album can be downloaded for FREE on his bandcamp.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Atlantic At Pacific - Weddings

Atlantic At Pacific released his debut full-length today through Alchemist Records. The release is called Weddings and is a really well-done, super chill and psychedelic album. It's a little more chillwave-ish than the most of the ambient stuff that I listen to, but also more abstract than most of the pop that I listen to; an interesting combination. You can order a physical copy of the album, or download it digitally here.

MP3:Atlantic At Pacific - Weddings
MP3:Atlantic At Pacific - Drifting

Hooray! - Bedroom Adventures

Ben Wagner, who creates music under the moniker Hooray! just sent over his new EP, Bedroom Adventures. It is a collection of some really sensational pop jams. You can stream the album on his bandcamp, or buy it for $5. If you'd prefer to have a physical copy you can purchase a cassette from WONDER BEARD TAPES.

MP3:Hooray! - Bedroom Adventures
MP3:Hooray! - Color The Rain

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird - Crumble Before Your Eyes

Mikey from Blackbird Blackbird just sent over this great new pop song, Crumble Before Your Eyes. The song is catchy and relaxing, like all those other Blackbird Blackbird songs I have come to love. You can check this song on his bandcamp, and also check out his recently released Rarities EP, which you can download for free.

MP3:Blackbird Blackbird - Crumble Before Your Eyes

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Truman Peyote - Turn Into Feathers (Feat. Emily Reo)

Turn Into Feathers, the latest from Truman Peyote, is an incredibly anthemic and uplifting jam. It will be on their upcoming 7inch split with Attached Hands; to be released soon on Post Records.

MP3:Truman Peyote - Turn Into Feathers (Feat. Emily Reo)

Alpine - Too Safe

Melbourne, Australia's Alpine is set to release their Z├╝rich EP in September. Too Safe is a track taken from this EP, and when i heard it I immediately headed to their myspace to stream the entire thing for free.

MP3:Alpine - Too Safe

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gem Trails - Old Kid

Gem Trails is the new side project from Trevor of Woodsman. Old Kid is the first track he has released under that moniker, and is far more abstract than anything we have heard from Woodsman. Fire Talk will be releasing a 7inch in the near future.

MP3:Gem Trails - Old Kid